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Registration on this site is absolutely free and allows you to place information about your organization on our website, which will promote partnerships and increase the quality of life.
The WND invites all people interested to join our association in order to move to a higher quality level of living. The new dimension is a state of mind, regardless of the type of your living activity. The WND is designed to enhance the spiritual and emotional well-being of the participants, which, in turn, will facilitate and increase trade between them. We will become your guide to effective and joyful life. Let the registration for the Organization become your first step towards the supermankind. You will become super-rich, super-popular, supermen.
For certain reasons, companies engaged in the production of alcoholic and tobacco products, as well as political parties, are not accepted into the WND.
We will be trying really hard to help our participants make the principal difference both to themselves and to the whole world. We will be putting every effort into the matter of people’s understanding of other cultures and ways of life.
Companies that have joined the WND have every right to voluntarily pay a registration fee for the implementation of the nearest plans of the Organization.
Registration on this site is absolutely free and allows you to enter the section “Information for registered users”.
If you are interested in the course we have chosen, we need your sincere support and understanding. This will give the project a chance to be implemented, and together we will be able to effectively cultivate the existing eternal life values.

We are looking for positive, creative people with a high temperature of living who are ready to transfer to the new dimension and are perfectly willing to help other people do it. All of us possess the most powerful tool that will give us the opportunity not just to survive but to move to a higher form of existence. Here we must disappoint you – this is not about the material world. So, the “golden billion” is not what you might have thought.
If you are reading these lines, you can start feeling really happy right away, as no one ever! This is the only way to describe what is awaiting you. In the future you will be provided with the useful information and guidance on how to achieve such a state of consciousness. Those who have found this state of mind will gain eternity. Let the registration for the Organization serve as a kind of transformer of negative emotions into positive ones. As a result, we will be connected with the filaments of higher consciousness. We highlight the fact that the WND International Public Organization is accepting not “malignant tumors” – that is what many representatives of mankind have already been called – but those people who act as strong support for the whole mankind, people who are willing to truly participate and make every effort at this evolutionary process. Nowadays, humanity is still like an unopened flower.
We all lack love and respect for the beings and things around us. We all, you and us, are managing the highly powerful organism which is called Humankind. Together, let us show what love is, what joy, peace, respect and mutual understanding are. Let’s stretch the blanket of love all over the globe. Together we can do it better.
Welcome aboard our vessel.