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The Goal of The WND International Public Organization 

Creating a positive mood in the entire society through the popularization of the idea of positive thinking and healthy living and the consolidation on its basis, and in this way the transition to a new level of consciousness,  a new stage in the evolution of mankind.


The Idea of The WND International Public Organization 

The idea is that there are still vacant levels in the building of human consciousness, that the present level of consciousness is only a temporary form of life, that wealth is a mere plastic bag in comparison to what we can achieve in a relatively short period of time. When a certain number of people lead the proposed way of life, the evolutionary transition to a new level of consciousness (in another dimension) will occur, which opens up new horizons of consciousness. It is an instant jump to a new level of understanding and power that awaits us, that smashes our present outlook to smithereens and reconstructs it.

The Idea of The WND IPO is to reality of the new dimension,  to the world of completeness, joy and sheer liberty!