Message from Evgeniy Zaitsev, President of the International Public Organization “The World of the New Dimension”

I am addressing those who can be called the cr?me de la cr?me of human evolution, those who connect the Greatest with the worthless, those who are not indifferent, who care about the progress of the whole human race, with an appeal to unite and become links of one chain in order to move up to a completely new level of existence.

We are all connected to each other by invisible threads made by the Creator, and the entire responsibility for what happens around is distributed among all of us.

As soon as the higher-order energies reach a certain level, we will get connected to the global brain; there will be an evolutionary quantum leap to a new level of consciousness. There will be a sense and feeling of a single living organism without boundaries, territories and  limitations.   What is awaiting you is a marvelous state of consciousness. It is much more valuable than any money, and we all know how money is worshipped by everyone in modern society. This state of mind cannot be compared to any psychotropic drugs, so popular nowadays among young people. You will become super-rich, super-popular, supermen, identified with your highest Ego. The World of the New Dimension International Public Organization has been created to accelerate this process.
Our primary targets:
- Promoting a healthy, positive lifestyle for the further transition (ascension);    having as many people as possible joining this process;
- attracting investments and implementing different programs, as shown in          the Nearest Plans Section.
Those who want to actively take part in our activities will have the right to use the Organization’s trademark free of charge: capital lettering (World of New Dimension) on a sunny background.